Today Rivertop is making an exciting announcement: sodium glucarate produced through the Rivertop process has been officially listed on the EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredients List (SCIL).

Being on the SCIL list means that the EPA has determined that our sodium glucarate is safer than traditional chemical ingredients, and can now be used in products with the EPA’s Safer Choice label.

Rivertop’s sodium glucarate is also the first chemical with corrosion inhibiting properties to secure full approval for the SCIL.

To qualify for the list, a product or chemical ingredient has to meet a series of stringent human and environmental health criteria—criteria that we here at Rivertop passed with flying colors.

As our own CEO, Mike Knauf, explains, “From the beginning we’ve set out to develop a set of novel chemicals and products based on simple plant sugars that are safe for the environment and human health. Securing the EPA’s stamp of approval confirms that with Rivertop’s sodium glucarate there is no need to compromise environmental performance for product performance or cost.”

We use sodium glucarate in two of our products: Waterline™ CI and Headwaters® Corrosion Inhibitor. Waterline CI is designed to be a high-performing alternative to phosphorous-based corrosion inhibitors in the water treatment industry, whereas the Headwaters product is a corrosion inhibitor for salt brine used to de-ice winter roads while protecting vehicles and highway infrastructure from corrosion.980x