A recent Huffington Post blog post argues that, contrary to popular belief, consumers are in fact biased against ‘green’ products. This disposition, the author points out, is a result of the perception that most sustainable products come with higher costs and lower quality. The post concludes that companies with sustainable products should take the ‘green’ part of their product out of the limelight and should focus instead on the product itself.

The fact that the conversation is now about how to position sustainability instead of whether or not it is necessary, is a major step forward for the future of consumer goods. Further, it provides good all-around advice for businesses: ensuring performance and reducing cost should be key pillars when producing any product. We here at Rivertop couldn’t agree more.

We do take slight issue with the author’s conclusion: “Green products will have really succeeded when consumers are buying them without even knowing they choose the more sustainable option!”

Studies have shown that sustainability branding actually increases sales, making it a key and justifiable marketing tactic for the many companies that have successfully mastered the quality, cost and sustainability trifecta. More directly, all other things being equal, sustainability is a key differentiator for more and more consumers around the world.

Further, being green is usually a key strategic pillar of companies with sustainable products: it would be in many ways disingenuous to ask them to mask a key aspect of their mandate.

Rivertop Renewables is taking an “all of the above” strategy when it comes to cost, performance and sustainability. While we ensure that our products compete on quality and value, we won’t ever walk away from our commitment to sustainability. It’s what we’re founded on and it’s a reason our customers choose us. They know they can improve their products and meet the needs of their customers through sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals that meet bottom-line metrics as well.