Steve Rowley, Technology Manager with the Process Design team at Rivertop, has ascended to the Rivertop 5-year club. Steve came on board in 2010 as a Research Scientist in the Process Development Group, working to scale up Rivertop’s proprietary oxidation technology. Now a Technology Manager, Steve works to develop new oxidation processes and test their scalability. As Steve describes his work: “My team works with bench scale chemical processes and scales them up to multiple liter batch sizes. In doing so we learn if the process can be scaled to a manufacturing plant in a feasible and cost effective way.

Steve looks back fondly on his time at Rivertop, particularly on one evening when he and a couple of colleagues had an understated, but very deserved celebration. As he remembers, “When we first learned that we had obtained grant money to expand our facility, it was towards the end of the day and everyone was getting ready to leave. We opened a tiny bottle of champagne that someone had been keeping for a special occasion and celebrated.”

When asked what piece of advice he would give himself when he first arrived at Rivertop five years ago, Steve reflected and shared some very wise words for all of us: “Pay attention to your ‘failures;’ there are often little clues hidden in them.”

Steve certainly has had several reasons for champagne toasts when not at Rivertop over the past 5 years: he and his wife have had two little girls! If we’re lucky, they will grow up to be scientists just like their dad and join the Rivertop crew.