Earlier this year, Kelly Barton, a research scientist with us here at Rivertop, went on a walk along the beautiful Bitterroot River. The river runs through Hamilton, a city just an hour south of Missoula–a straight shot down 93.

On this particular day, Kelly and her partner Tim Wilson meandered along the river in Kiwanis Park (a park at the edge of the city). While trying to decide which path to take into the wooded area along the river, they spied a bald eagle and watched him swoop into the woods in the direction of the river. In their subsequent wanderings, they discovered him again, perched on a tree on the other side of Bitterroot river. They snapped a couple of pictures and left him to enjoy the day.

Kelly highly recommends the area as an easy place to get away for a walk with friends, pets or by yourself. The pictures speak for themselves. Montana is a beautiful place in the meditative winter months!